Tax Preparation

Step 1: Please sign the Y10 Tax Solutions Engagement Letter. This important document outlines our mutual commitments, ensuring transparency and clarity in the preparation of your tax return. It also includes our fee schedule.

Step 2: Fill out the Tax Organizer below. This quick and easy questionnaire is designed to gather all the necessary information to prepare your tax return accurately. 

Returning clients, please fill out the Returning Client Tax Organizer.

Step 3: Both taxpayer and spouse should sign Form 8821.

Step 4: Upload all your documents, including the following, to the Y10 Tax Secure Upload Portal.

Please scroll down to accept the terms of use before filling out the form. 🙂

Important Instructions for Filling Out the Client Organizer

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in making the tax return process smooth and efficient. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out.